Welcome, Cadets!

First Digital Immersive Orientation in Indonesia
As the newest members of our family, we make sure that you do not miss our tradition that is carried out every year. Although it might be different from what we usually do, we guarantee that this year's online orientation will surpass your expectations. Therefore, prepare yourselves, because it's going to be one epic journey.
Universitas Prasetiya Mulya - widely known as Prasmul - was established in 1982. Offering 14 undergraduate majors from both the School of Applied STEM and the School of Business and Economics, students are taught using a series of learning methods with innovative and applicable values.
Prasmul Gear Up is an orientation program held by Universitas Prasetiya Mulya at the beginning of each new school year with the purpose of helping students adjust in the transition from high school to college. Through this program, freshmen students are given directions and educated to harness their best potential in their university years to come, while understanding and implementing the values and characters of CHAIN and LEAMICA, allowing each freshman to be the best version of themselves.

Altitude is defined as the limit or height of the sky from the surface of the Earth. This theme illustrates the journey of prospective students starting from the Earth to the highest sky. On the journey to outer space, students must get out of their comfort zones and go through the many layers of the Earth's atmosphere. The ultimate goal is that at the end of the day, each and every student will have a mindset shifted "Towards Excellence".
Provide an immersive experience through a variety of activities given the current circumstances.
Virtual campus tour
Our virtual campus tour takes you around campus with the intention of allowing you to get to know and comprehend the campus environment better
Business Races
Although some changes were made to adapt to the current circumstances, this year's PGU will not be complete without holding a business race.
Seminars, alumni sharing sessions, and talk shows will undoubtedly be there to complement other activities. Hosted by outstanding people, we guarantee that you will gain more insights.
Scavenger Hunts and Other Trivia Games
Typically played in an extensive outdoor area, scavenger hunts are fun team-building energizers that allow teams to enjoy a virtual experience in the orientation. Hence, each team is expected to stretch their creative minds and activate their problem-solving skills.